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Good Morning, Mr. Paik

At the start of his career in the mid-1950s, Nam June Paik admirably sought to humanize technology, advocating the potential of technology to improve the quality of life. On New Years Day in 1984, Paik internationally broadcasted Good Morning Mr. Orwell to challenge George Orwell’s dystopian vision of the future.

Today, thirty years later, the desire to humanize technology continues. Yet, as we now live in the virtual world as much as the real world, we also seek to re-humanize ourselves. We explore different levels of intimacy and human interaction through various channels of communication enabled by technology. We have greater opportunities to re-invent ourselves, addressing our basic needs not only of survival, but also of self-actualization.

The fw15 collection is inspired by Mr. Paik’s vision. It is optimistic, intimate, and practical. It is a fusion of 1984 with present day relevance. It is a response to our human desire for familiar comfort and daring possibilities. It is made for both the virtual world and the real world at home, at work, or play. It is the re-invention of what is classic and who is the new woman. Good morning, Mr. Paik. And thank you for your encouraging vision of humanization.

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